Guys and Glutes

Guys, you need glutes too. This is more than a post to show my butt. Which hey, it’s a nice butt. It’s all the rage to show chicks doing booty workouts. But if you look closely there’s some guy in a cut off the tank and backward hat, creepily staring while vaguely swinging around some…
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Booty Gains

Girls trying to get booty gains. Stop doing “tone and tuck iso leg Kardashian kicks” and start squatting and deadlifting, heavy and hard. A pitcher doesn’t start by learning how to throw a curveball. They start with a strike right in the box down the home plate.  Squat and deadlift with a lot of weight,…
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Six-Day a Week Workout

Michael Phelps is famous for training 7 days a week. But never pushing beyond the threshold. Common convention says workout 4-5 days a week taking 2-3 rest days. And that works. But there is also a different training philosophy. Train every day at 80% Overtraining occurs when pushing beyond our means for a long enough…
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