What is the warrior program?

Our WARRIORS are on the front lines of our movement in the fitness industry, and we interact with our WARRIORS on a constant basis to make sure they are successful in growing their leadership skills, their own pages, and of course the Modern Warrior brand. This interaction gives you a better opportunity to stand out and show us what you're all about. We promote our most successful WARRIORS to Sponsored Athletes where they are the featured faces of our brand and have the opportunity to earn a full-time salary. The WARRIOR Program will give you the tips and ability to prove yourself worthy of being a sponsored, recognized face of the fastest-growing company in the industry.

  • Purpose

    To be the greatest fitness organization in the nation.

  • Community

    Build relationships and learn from like-minded fitness leaders.

  • Coaching

    One on one coaching available for top performers.

  • Cash

    Opportunity to grow together.

Want to be successful with our company and earn your spot as one of our Sponsored Athletes?