Girls trying to get booty gains. Stop doing “tone and tuck iso leg Kardashian kicks” and start squatting and deadlifting, heavy and hard. A pitcher doesn’t start by learning how to throw a curveball. They start with a strike right in the box down the home plate. 

Squat and deadlift with a lot of weight, good form, and with high intensity and volume is what you do to grow the butt (well whole body). The other shit is stuff for girls to take pictures of and get likes on the gram. 

Of course, I’m being sarcastic here, there are other movements that can help but they should never be the meat and potatoes of your training program. 

Oh, and speaking meat and potatoes. Eat meat and potatoes. You’re never gonna grow a butt eating organic kale smoothies. If anyone says I don’t want to get bulky I will hate you. It won’t make you bulky. Those sugar smoothies make you bulky babe, not the weights. 

#butts #eatmore #liftmore