Michael Phelps is famous for training 7 days a week. But never pushing beyond the threshold.

Common convention says workout 4-5 days a week taking 2-3 rest days. And that works.

But there is also a different training philosophy.

Train every day at 80%

Overtraining occurs when pushing beyond our means for a long enough duration that instead of building up our bodies start breaking down.

I recently read an article about Khabib Nurmagomedov, the MMA fighter who beat the snot out of Macgregor.

Rather than training at full capacity during the year, he and his team train at 70-80%. Essentially play fighting all day, every day.

If you look at the math you get more volume of training in, going at 80% every day than at 100% 4 days.

Now there’s obviously some points of contention here. Weightlifting vs sports mechanics. But the comparison is still very interesting.

And restate for 90% of people training every day is not a good idea.

But I’ve been giving this a try with pretty good results.

After coming back from my leg injury I could only train at 80%. Simply because my legs couldn’t take any more. But I’ve training them 3 days a week.

I like new methods of nutrition and fitness. If for nothing else but first-hand experience yields the greatest knowledge.


The Viking